Solar energy products reviews

We all need the power to function survive and connect. But we always seem to run out of it. Either because we choose to get out to nature and we don’t have a place to charge our devices, or in a case of a natural disaster. The risen number of natural cataclysms and effect it has on the community has created a real need of autonomic solar energy products that might help or even save your life in case of emergency. And even in regular life, some solar energy products might be very helpful if you want to give your impact to the process of saving the ecology of our planet. And here are some of them.

Green energy generator

This device called Kolipac is a size of the small backpack and weight, not more than 8 pounds. You or your child can carry it behind your back while going hiking to the woods for a couple of days. It has the cover from rand and water, so it will be functioning even during bad weather. It is absolutely autonomous. It is collecting solar energy with four solar panels. It has installed Bluetooth, so you can watch from your phone how much energy it has collected and how much it is giving away to the connected devices. This solar energy product is powerful enough to charge your i-phone up to 120 times and your i-pad up to 80 times.

The solar headphones

The new model of Bluetooth headphones called Helios thanks to their installed photovoltaic panels can be charged with clean and free energy. For one hour of solar exposure, they deliver half an hour of music full power. With their full battery, they can deliver around 15 hours of music. Those headphones design is ergonomic and simple. Plus they do have a very satisfying anatomic shape. The Helios is definitely a product of future – it is providing green energy and fully independent.

Domestic irrigation system

One of the newest developed devices that are responsible for irrigation of home plants is called ODO. It is a flexible solution for irrigating garden or terrace. It knows the need of your plants and automatically adjusts the irrigation schedules to weather forecasts. This improves efficiency and water saving. Apart of it – it is charging only from the solar energy which makes this device double green.

Solar paper

The solar paper is something revolutionary in the charging from the solar energy process. It looks like a small piece of paper, but it is actually a solar panel. It is very slim and thin – that’s why it is named a paper. You can connect those “pages” one to another to get more energy. The charging device is very light and easy to carry with you everywhere – whether it is a park or a class. If you are helping the green process on earth – this device is something you need to get.


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