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Abbey stJohn

One of the most influencial & under rated recording artists in America. If you like bands like: ACDC, The Cult, Stone temple Pilots, Lenny Kravitz, Thin Lizzie, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, you'll love Abbey stJohn.
An unsung hero in the evoloution of today's rock. A exciting performer with a songwriting career that spans 3 decades.
With the official release of his 1st solo album, The songwriter (TBA)  audiences are getting to know and love this surprising artist reviewers call "a moving songwriter & an exciting performer". The refreshing sincerity of Abbey stJohn's music is evident in his recordings and performances.
Recognized as one of the progenators of blues influenced hard rock, the Chicago native continues to break new ground and excite new fans globally.


The Band
Abbey stJohn - guitar and vocal
Karyn Sarring - keyboards vocal
Myron Carlos - drums guitar vocal
Steven Lanse - bass guitar vocal

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