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Hailing from the Bluegrass State, Louisvillians Rebecca Williams and Cory Phelps joined forces and moved to Maui to record an album. Rebecca, formerly a solo acoustic singer-songwriter, has been on nine tours and played in 49 states. She has released two records, The Lion and The Unicorn (2009) and The Narwhal and The Dinosaur (2011). Cory recently fronted the psychedelic indie-rock band Nerves Junior and released two records as well, Who Loves You The Best (2009) and the widely acclaimed in the indie circuit As Bright As Your Night Light (2011). Together they are Artis Gilmore; no, not the rad basketball player of the Louisville Colonels, the neon pillowy duo. They're in the middle of making a bedroom record which will be released later this year.

Fri, Feb 8th - Wailuku Coffee Company 4-7pm

The Band
Rebecca Williams
Cory Phelps


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