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Little Gryphon
We are a band that is Earthy filled with humility & loving souls to share in these trying times of the new deal. 
Are you familiar these two terms:
* House Rent Boogie * Cold in Hand 

In these times we find ourselves with more of what we need and less of what we want. As a band we all have decided to share something that is valuable to us, honoring the time sensation of another era (BLUES) Each of us comes from different back grounds, with different influences, yet each of us has a common goal.  To play music as a healing loving sensation, the fact we love music, the fact music motivates all of us as humans. We believe now, more than ever in our life time it is important to share what we have and what we offer the world. Little Gryphon is a rooted Family band, a band that’s earthy, pleasant, loving, a band that wants to be with the people and beside the people, not above or risen higher than. We want to be humbled by the presence of playing live music in your home. Just invite us in and we will warm up the kitchen with good ole blues music.

The Band
Vocs: Elizabeth Fellows
Guitar: Randy Morgan
Bass: Jeff Griffin 
Drums: Chris Schauer


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