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Mandi Seekings

Mandi Seekings Biography
Introducing the striking 21 year old r&b singer Mandi. Mandi's voice is a fresh combination of today and yesterdays music's hottest influences. This is a genuine natural talent, who sang along to everything since she was small. A humble soul and an honest young voice and singer from the heart. When you listen to Mandi you will truly be moved. The color and textures in her voice have the smoothness and flexibility of seasoned R&B greats, with a real sweetness and loads of soul. Mandi is becoming an original entertaining and memorable new pop R&B addition to today's mix.

Born August 6,1983 in British Columbia, Canada, music has always played a huge role in Mandis life. Her mother Barbara taught her to sing around the same time she was learning to talk- and she hasn’t been able to keep quiet since. Like most singers, Mandi would sing along to everything and anything, making her voice stronger with every note. As early as age 5, Mandi knew singing was what she wanted to do.

Mandi moved back and forth from Canada to Hawaii during her teenage years, the majority of that time spent in Maui Hawaii, where she currently resides. But due to shyness and stage fright she did little singing, mostly in her High School Honor Choir. The dream was always there, but put on hold until the time was right.

When Mandi turned 19 it occurred to her that the only thing that brought her true joy was through singing- so she decided to make her childhood dreams become a reality. Mandi entered a singing competition (her first competition) and walked away with the Grand prize. With that accomplishment also came confidence, and before she knew it, her stage fright was long gone.

At age 21, Mandi got in touch with accomplished producer Michael Vail Blum, and went to L.A. to record a demo CD with him. Michael has discovered and/or worked with Madonna, Anastacia, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and the group 3T, and thinks Mandi has what it takes as well. Through Michael, Mandi is also working with famed keyboardist Herman Jackson, and guitar/bass whiz Dean Pleasants. Herman is currently Jessica Simpsons musical director, and has also worked with Whitney Houston, Outkast, Stevie Wonder, Babyface and Aretha Franklin. Dean currently plays guitar for Jessica Simpson for her live shows, and is in two other bands, Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves. Mandi has been traveling back and forth to L.A. ever since to work on new material for her upcoming album.

Now, with new found confidence, Mandi is unstoppable. She sings wherever she can, making new fans with every performance. Whether it be at a restaurant, a club, karaoke bar or at home with family and friends. Mandi is on top of her game, and improving her craft everyday. Mandi is determined to make a name for herself in the music industry, and to do what she loves to do- sing.

Remember her name, remember her face, but most of all remember her voice. This is definitely not the last time you’ll hear from this rising star.
Hear Mandi sing

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