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Vince Esquire Band
After spending 10 months in Austin TX, where he absorbed the diverse, local culture and spent countless hours studying his mentors in the flesh, Vince Esquire is back and better than ever. The hardships of traveling into adulthood have added new, soulful dimensions to both his playing and his vocals; But Vince, is no longer just another `SRV Clone' as he was dubbed in his younger days. Being away has allowed Vince to grow musically by adding new influences to his sound, putting the likes of R&B legend Stevie Wonder and jazz giant John Coltrane high on his list. It's also given him the time and inspiration to start working on more of his own original material. He's only back for a short stint, so don't miss the new and improved Vince Esquire Band



The Band
Ld Gtr & Vocals: Vince Esquire
Bass & Vocals: Shawn Michael
Drums: Josh Greenbaum

Guest drums: Paul Marchetti

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